On the trail of the invisible

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The exhibition “Creation – on the tracks of the invisible”.
invited to a search for traces.

The creation exhibition made a stop in Weingarten (Baden) from 28.01.-26.02.2023 .

Great posters and exhibits invite you to linger
Great posters and exhibits invite you to search for clues

Where does it all come from? And how was it, back in the beginning? – Anyone who looks around at the magnificent nature, involuntarily faces such questions.

The exhibition “ Creation – on the tracks of the invisible ” invited to a search for traces. Numerous posters and exhibits provided insights into exciting research findings in the natural sciences and posed the question: Does all this point to an “invisible”, a divine origin?

Regardless of your point of view, we invite you to visit the exhibition and engage with the questions raised in each room.

Exhibit at the exhibition
The exhibition had many interactive exhibits

Guided tours were offered and audio guides were available. Furthermore, one could individually go on the search for traces. A book table on the subject of creation also offered the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject.

Accompanying lectures

The following presentations were offered to delve deeper into the topic:

All of the above presentations were also broadcast via the livestream.

Lectures for children

On Fridays, MBG Weingarten also offers children’s talks on creation topics starting at 7:00 p.m. instead of the regular children’s classes. The lectures will be offered in parallel for two different age groups:

  • Age group A (4-9 years) – In the community center of MBG Weingarten, Kehrwiesen 9
  • Age group B (10-16 years) – At the MBG Weingarten Mission House, Rudolf-Diesel Str. 8

The children’s lectures will take place on the following days:

  • 03.02 at 19 pm
  • 17.02 at 7 pm
  • 24.02 at 19 pm

Registration and opening hours

The exhibition is closed and registration is no longer possible.